Dreaming and planning
We ended up at the starting line of this trip for about 5 years ago. We have always been fond of traveling around, but there have been restricted to regular vacations. We came across a blog about a family that was sailing around the world for three years, and after having dreamed ourselves away in this for some days it was done; We were going to sail, far!
Halvard have grown up with motorboat, but none of us had any sailing experience. We decided to share a small 26 foot sailboat with a couple of friends. After a private course and some clumsing around Trondheimsfjorden that summer, we were fairly experienced at sailing. Eventually we took a longer trip north to Helgeland, and Halvard sailed to Shetland year with some buddies.
"Trio" as we called the boat, has given us many beautiful walks and experiences, but we soon found out that it would be too small for a circumnavigation. was under scrutiny for months, and we did finally a bargain at a 1:37 ft Baltic, equipped for circumnavigation. More on this under the "boat" and in the first travelogue.
In the wait we have sen everything we've come across of books, movies and blogs about sailing and destination. In addition, we both have taken a boatlicense and various courses through a local rescueorganization. We have been through the necessary rounds of vaccinations. We have saved, writed packing lists, packed and purchased new parts for the boat.
The desire to implement has only grown bigger and bigger!
Hard work, waiting and commitment, combined with a dash of madness and adventurousness, has led to that we now have the opportunity to live the great dream. Ordinary life can wait at home meanwhile!
It is not free to sail around the world. But it is cheap compared to other options, in addition you get so much more for your money. But it still costs, and you must have a plan on how to finance it all. Some save indefinitely, some rents house with a good profit, while others just simply have money.
We have looked at different budgets and concluded that we will have a consumption between 150-200 000NOK a year for the two of us. Then we will have a normal consumption without any luxury. Moreover, this is less than half of the consumption we have at home every year. That way, it is only income we lose and the we have strictly no use of it when we do not have loans, electricity, insurance and other fixed expenses which will be operated. Of course, one must have an accumulated amount to prey on, and we have managed to save. It remains only to sell the new house and see if the excess of it means we can sail more than a year. The apartment we bought before Christmas drives itself with rental income. The boat cost us 450,000NOK + various upgrades. Since it has already been on a long trip with their former owners, it´s already equiped with a lot of useful things.
We can save a lot by not entering into port, but lie at anchor or mooring. Then one might also depend on having a dinghy available. In addition, we will refuel up for long crossings in the places it is cheap to shop. To go for sail is free, and we've got with us our own "house", so hotel stays are mostly irrelevant.
The boat is insured with liability insurance through Pantaenius, about a 1,000 NOK/ year. Hull insurance is so expensive in this kind of travel that we have been advised to have it simply. It does not pay in the long run if you do not have a boat that is worth nearly a million NOK or more. Insurance will most likely through mutual and it will cost about 15000 NOK to get extended to 365 days a year.
What about work?
I am not aloud to stay away for so long, and must therefore quit my job. Then I´ll see if I seek me back in the same place or find something else when we get home. I'm not too worried about that part, nurses are always needed. Halvard landed in the undertow of the oil industry kink, conveniently just before we were traveling, and hope that there is a need for engineers when we come home again. We must unfortunately forsake some things if we want to invest in such a project. So we'll either start with a clean slate or continue where we left off when we come home again!
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