In mind, we have already been around the world several times and have been both in Tonga in the Pacific Ocean, Komodo in Indonesia, Micronesia, Madagascar, Galapagos .... you name it! Planning is not so hard, but to actually perform what you have in mind doesn´t always go as it´s supposed to.  A complete circumnavigation will take about three years, and the thought of being away for so long is a bit scary. Therefore, we don´t have an accurate plan, but we´ll see what happens. A certain route we must follow because of hurricane seasons, but detours and choices along the way are endless.
As they say; we sail south until the butter melts, and then to the right! Then we see how far we get. The trip will take about a year from summer 2015 - 2016, if we do not continue into the Pacific Ocean and takes the round. Travel length will be influenced by both economics, life situation, possibly homesick, motivation etc.
Since the boat now stands in the Azores, we will start from there - with a little pitstop in Portugal to get married :)
The rout is updated along:
  • 2014:
  • New- York - Azores (transport leg)
  • 2015:
  • Terceira, Azores, July / August
  • Cascais / Lisbon, Portugal, in August / September
  • Madeira / Selvagens
  • Gran Canaria November
  • Crossing Caribbean in December
  • 2016
  • Island cruising Caribbean
  • Further or home


Under har vi tegnet inn to alternatier for reiserute, begge er veldig grovskisserte og vil mest sannsynlig endres underveis. Den første vil ta ca et år, mens den andre tar ca 3 år. Dette er jo selvsagt inkludert opphold på de ulike stedene vi besøker.


S/Y Wilhelm

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