Canaryhopping while we wait

08/12/2015 14:03
Now we have been in 7 of the total of 9 islands down here, and we're pleasantly surprised. We were very negative to the Canaries before we came, and thought it would be two depressing months. But we've actually had a lot of fun! Gran Canaria is living up to his reputation as the tourist bomb it is with Norwegian speaking Spanish people, brown cheese and tanned tropical explorers wearing sunhats and small hip-bags. So we will be here no longer than necessary. But when it comes to preparing for a long trip they have everything we need, even if it is canned stew or motor parts (Will write more about preparations for the next post). We have been in Puerto Mogan, a rather pleasant marina after all, at least compared with Las Palmas.
Halvards parents came down to be with us for two weeks. Boat experienced as they are they did not turn away for a little fresh air under the wings to Tenerife and La Gomera. On the trip we were visited by both flying fish, dolphins, a herd pilot whales and two sharks. Wish we had a little more time for these islands are incredibly beautiful if you steer away from the seaside resorts.  La Gomera has no distinctive seaside resorts. The island is not tainted by charter tourism since the have no domestic flights, and one must do a little effort to go there. Several alternative people with dreads has found peace there, and settled in caves around. A nudist beach, they also have. We took a detour on a dirt road along the cliff and ended up just there, so little embarrased we turned the car and drove the other way :)
Tenerife had a completely insane landscape in the mountains. Volcano el Teide had an angry outburst in the 1400s where the seawater came crashing right after the lava so that it formed just amazing sculptures of solidified lava. This area is now the Teide National Park with everything from lava statues, large desert plains and desert areas at 3000 m elevation.
On the return trip to Gran Canaria, we began to doubt whether the excursion was worth it as we had strong wind straihgt against us, and we basted us ahead 2-3 knots. I spent 20 minutes to make sandwiches for the crew, and as I stuck the barrel out the topping flapped away at sea. It was poor with food that day ie .... After several hours of countless cold showers over deck we gave up and crossed to Tenerife. It's not particularly pleasant to walk in such circumstances when one has the parent generation visiting, so now we are weatherproof at Tenerife and waiting for better conditions. We are a least one step closer :)


S/Y Wilhelm

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