Boat preparations on Terceira

28/04/2015 16:59
Now we are back on Terceira, Azores. Halvard is here in April, and me for 10 days. There has been much needed to be done with the boat, but we are beginning to reach the end. First we had underwater hull sanded and polished, and so we have had in total 4 layers of primer and antifouling. The sides of the hull should be washed and polished also. On our way from NY to the Azores Halvard found out that the boat was leaking like a tea strainer in the tire, so most of the space in the boat was damp and raw. The old teak deck lying around the boat was screwed into fiberglass, so of course, after 35 years it must begin to leak here and there. We have now removed the teak- after a lot of frustration and profanity. All the screw holes were drilled out and filled with epoxy, and along the sides and where it could potentially leak water in to the boat. We have hired the Portuguese now to grind the whole surface, adding a new layer of fiberglass on top of the old, and then paint it with a top coat. Having a dry boat inside is extremely important when we are on a long trip, both for satisfaction and health. Next on the list is to replace large parts of the rig. The wire- system for the frontsail was somewhat depleted, and more or less self-destructed after we bought the boat, so it's about time. This will be done when the boat is in the water again, probably in late July sometime.
We have also been doing some smaller work inside the boat as well. Worn cabinets and surfaces has been sanded, oiled and varnished. Couch cushions in the lounge is measured up, and we have placed order for new to the tailor here on the island. We will also get new mattresses to the cabins, which have after all been used a few decades








S/Y Wilhelm

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